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Morning Meltdown 5-10-11

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Morning Meltdown May 10, 2011 Ariz. seeks online donations to build border fence Arizona lawmakers want more fence along the border with Mexico — whether the federal government thinks it’s necessary or not. They’ve got a plan that could get a project started using online donations and prison labor. If they get enough money, all they would have to do is get cooperation from landowners and construction could begin as soon as this year. As of right now donation amount is $1571, 954

13 comments on “Morning Meltdown 5-10-11

  1. acouch2 on

    i personally feel sorry for the people who have donated to building a fence. i have a feeling that money donated will end up “lost” in the states hands. lol. i just dont trust jan brewer one bit, seen her flip flop on the acess program, on the birth certificate bill, as well as the bill,for what ever the name of the arena the suns play in bill. i live on the border over in cali. there are two fences here. all they do to cross is go over to the desert side where security is very scarce.

  2. curlybobz on

    Wouldn’t be so bad if liberals created their own state if they’d all promise to move there. You’ve heard of the sunshine state and the palmetto state. Well this could be the Welfare State.

  3. gfreakj on

    I think it’s great that they are taking the fence building into their own hands.
    They won’t be sending any messages from the president to my damn phone unless they want to pay my monthly bill. I own this device and I decide what I get on it…DAMN IT!

  4. Tayroy on

    @Carrie3570 well if nothing else what the fence will do, is provide something the trash can blow up against to be picked up…really I don’t care half as much about the other problems illegal immigrants have/make its the trash I hate the most.

    it really ruins the landscape and makes the state less beautiful than it is.

  5. Tayroy on

    really? Effin’ REALLY!? they want to divide pima from Arizona because they want another blue state? or is it because then they could say that “oh we don’t NEED a border fence”
    no liberals. If it was y’know Coconino I’d consider it at the very least because they’d have a larger chance of making money but…really? the amount of problems that would make is just….giving me a headache.ugh they’re up to something else if this is making the news. also since I live in state I’m not gonna donate.

  6. Tayroy on

    @Carrie3570 and people will belittle you for that view-point.

    even if your living in the state that needs it. buuut that was at school and not at the YR club so meh.

  7. Carrie3570 on

    @Tayroy My thought is just that. They want that part of the state open… no border fence. You know, unless there was a border fence across the entire border being patrolled, I don’t know how much a partial fence would help. Although they do claim in California the number of crossings have gone down in the area where the fence is. But who knows really.

  8. Carrie3570 on

    @gfreakj I agreee with you 100%. I found it fascinating that you could opt out of receiving messages about natural disaters in your area, but not a message from the president!

    I agree about the fence too. If the federal government isn’t going to protect the border, then the state should no matter what it takes.

  9. acouch2 on

    the problem here, is not the fence . illegals get here by water, its not surprising to find a few abandon home made rafts on the beach in a morning.

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