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More Facts About “Marijuana” Hemp You Probably Didn’t Know!

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4 comments on “More Facts About “Marijuana” Hemp You Probably Didn’t Know!

  1. hypnofan35 on

    There is a methodology to super heat chucking. One is legal enforcements of using only the heat chucking tech and methodology. If it’s decentralized one can capture and use the heat energy. If you generated your own electric you would have enough left over (normally chucked) heat to heat your home It would be a “2fer”. If you had a steam power generator you wouldn’t have near the “wasteable heat’ so you could use mostly directed electric heating. using the left over heat for hot water use.

  2. hypnofan35 on

    i know, it sounds bizarre, but there has been a technology that has been legally banned from use since the inception of the interanl combustion engine which is designed to do 2 things. 1 one is throw away energy as heat while using only a fraction for power out. 2. This technology blocked out the other far preferable technology that recycled heat. Then it went on to work “super heat chucking” with home delivery of electric power. this is seriously kept under the radar of common awarness.

  3. hypnofan35 on

    @hypnofan35 If you had a steam engine the fire part would be variable. It could be solid or it could be liquid. It means you could run you home power generating operation and capture the rest for heating in water. Energy capture in any form seems to be universally illegal, and we don’t know by whom. Actually the mythical high efficiency carburator is actually working on a similar looking steam engine or air drive engine or combination.

  4. hypnofan35 on

    We all believe that our power tech is written in stone as internal combustion. I’m telling you they made the steam engine (dedicated drive gas style engine) dissappear from common knowledge because it recycled it’s heat. It would have meant total disaster to the modern industry that surrounds “super heat chucking/ exclusive refined fossil fuel industry”. Sounds like something you haven’t heard of; right? Now that we have Nuclear toxicity on our doorsteps we need good usage back from banishment

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