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Mitt’s stance on Medical Marijuana Link Below

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5 comments on “Mitt’s stance on Medical Marijuana Link Below

  1. powerhousebasher on

    That really pisses me off , The guy in the wheelchair was so polite and well mannered whilst asking mitt romney his question and the response he was nothing less than rude, and even after he dismissed him without an answer the guy in the wheelchair still said excuse me sir can you answer my question!!! Such an asshole

  2. kushpods on

    sup trendy. i agree withyou about mitt romney although it is a shame because he’s really good with finances and i do believe he could pull america out of debt over time… however, sick people recieving our god given natural medication is more important to me so I will not be voting for him. Do you have any suggestions to candidates that would be more medicinal friendly?

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