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Michael Savage – Savage Argues Against Ron Paul’s Candidacy

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– Michael Savage makes multiple arguments in opposition to Ron Paul’s candidacy. He begins by grilling Ron Paul’s electability, follows up by slamming Paul’s controversial foreign policy positions, and concludes by destroying the notion that Paul’s position to legalize marijuana would be harmless. While Savage’s use of satire and sarcasm is at times extreme, the analysis derives from Savage’s consistent positions on ending the Middle East wars and a masters degree in etnobo

3 comments on “Michael Savage – Savage Argues Against Ron Paul’s Candidacy

  1. sinepopuli on

    Savage needs a doctor. He can’t distinguish between isolationism and non-interventionism. He obviously never been to Holland where pot is legal and where there is no more mentally disordered people than in the US, Switzerland or Japan. In fact the compact cassette, CD, and laser disc, screw in fluorescent lamp were invented in Holland- a country with the population of 6 million only. Michael Savage is a primitive fraud hiding in the forest full of straw man arguments.

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