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Medical Marijuana Tax Could Bring In More Dollars Than Apples Do In Washington State

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April 12, 2011 Q13 News

20 comments on “Medical Marijuana Tax Could Bring In More Dollars Than Apples Do In Washington State

  1. hypnofan35 on

    With pot which is an anti hierachal substance by its basic nature. If it’s pot it doesn’t need to be controlled at all unless you are a power degenerate hiearchal enforcement advocate. If material results are “whip driven” then pot is about considering less damning and free thinking. If you use pot then you won’t be biasing up and playing idiot suit games for a living. It’s that’s simple Maybe the “suit jobs” will have a “gunnerwear party”..

  2. Octstorm on

    Like the kids cant already get it.. Duh! Its all over the streets.. Take it out of the hands of the dealers and Tax it. make some money do something good for a change. Gosh, It can help in so many ways.

  3. ONQproductions on

    You speak the truth, bro.
    In fact, I wish Bernie Sanders would submit a bill to change the name of the Eclipse in D.C. to Freedom Square, because the day is coming that the people will fill the streets.

  4. ajs2984 on

    @yylladurein Yea… show me evidence from a non stoner referance that suggests that different strains have completly different chemical compositions.That claim is about as true as a camp fire story. Every elemient is a chemical compound that can be repoduced. No mater the spin you want to put on it, your still smoking, weed causes cancer like any other carcinogen, and it causes an assortment of mental illness, such as bipolar, schizophrenia, and dementia.

  5. ajs2984 on

    @MrGreeneggsnham anyone that hides the fact that they want to be a drug addict behind sick people is a realy waste to society. by your logic, assisted suiside should be legal.

  6. gwizzle1 on

    @NLEMNT if you want to study this phenomenon a good place to start is aristotles book Rhetoric.

    The game is persuasion,they want to persuade people to their viewpoint so they want to hit key emotional triggers in the listener.

  7. yylladurein on

    @ONQproductions i think he was saying hed be sad to see our jails empty. i really think thats the kicker there. if we are legalized then we are no longer a source of revenue for the judicial system. over half of all jails and prisons in the U>S are full of yup you guessed it reefer offenders.. and what are we the people to do about it? well nothing i suppose. unless us lazy ass U.S.A.’ns(america is a hemisphere not a country) are willing to cairo out on some mofos

  8. ajs2984 on

    @SoundShedder key words ” i Belive” most of the weed you smoke has the same shit in it as cigarettes.. its in the fertilizer. this idea that weed is is “green, clean, and pure” is really the part that makes me laugh. most of the weed in america is laced with dust. and thats a proven fact.. many of the shit in fertilizer have similar chem comps to meth. try “researching” what the scientists say, not the stoner sites.

  9. micdailing on

    WOW!!! We don’t even realize how brainwashed we are. We ask for Liberty in exchange for taxation . . .

    I have an idea. Let the people be free. Forget the taxation!

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