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Mary Jane (an original song for Willie Nelson)

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I debated whether to post this song. Some people aren’t gonna like it, but sometimes, you just have to let artistic expression flow. LOL, the most I drink is a glass of wine about once a week, but in my younger years I will admit that I did partake of the devil weed a little, I grew up in the 70’s afterall. It’s been thirty years since that’s happened though…I’ve gotten old, hehe. The main reason for my writing this though is that I think the current drug laws are silly. Not that I’m advocatin

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    Why the debate over to post or not It is a Great Song and You do it so well,Love your Voice it’s always a Pleasure to hear you sing Wether it’s your Own or a Cover For me it’s a Thumbs Up Performance and a Fav..Have a Great Week Janet

  2. DesertRatDan on

    I love this song! I’m an avid believer in the medicinal properties of almost all herbs, including marijuana. Marijuana has many medicinal uses, not to mention all the commercial uses of the hemp plant. Even if only for recreational purposes it still is much less harmful than alcohol or cigarettes. On a musical note, your vocals are excellent in this!

  3. TheWolfDogMoon on

    A beautiful song. Glad you shared this with us! Yay for artistic expression. Maybe you could tell me the chords….message me please! G-Em? Its got a nice laid-back swing feel. like Jonie Mitchell. With a bluesy feel. Very Very nice song.

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