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MARIJUANA WORKING BETTER THEN PHARMACEUTICAL MEDICATION?Here is a case where a doctor prescribed marijuana brownies to an autistic child with good results. Mom swears by the treatment Obamacare ScrapGoldBusiness


  1. Silvernthc on

    Pad. At the top of that pad it has the brand name Eli Lilly. Big pharm controls what she says. Sorry my posts are out of order Greg. Tough decision to make for a parent. But with the results that mother saw, she will not be convinced that those pills are the answer.

  2. angryadrien on

    I can’t believe they said “it hasn’t been tested”….. cannabis has been around for thousands of years….medicine has been practiced for thousands of years…in the mid 1900s, doctors prescribed cannabis for many medical maladies….
    Not only has cannabis been tested, researched and utilized, but it’s been a cure or at the very least, a natural treatment, for thousands of years…

  3. seekingjustthefacts on

    I wonder had her son taken any vaccines at birth and as a toddler? 13 poisonous toxins and they have the gall to utter from their corporate controlled mouths, that a natural non-GMO herb, which has been in use for thousands of years, ‘might be dangerous.” . . . people wake-up plz.

  4. therhythmicmenace on

    Im addicted to Water, when I don’t get any I get a dry mouth feel a bit week and have a strong desire to consume a whole glass of water down in one gulp. These random addictions need to be taken seriously.

  5. Silvernthc on

    I keep my opinions to myself pertaining to marijuana. I agree with the mother in the story. How much do you think the prescription cost that family. I saw about 10 bottles. The phychatrist has a priscrpition

  6. phillisthebarbarian on

    this is NOT what the corporate pharma scum want us to see. Enjoy it before it goes the way of, “this video was found to be in violation, blah blah blah…”

  7. Silvernthc on

    Yes yes yes. Beautiful story. God created it as well as silver and gold as well. Natural medicine will hurt big profits. To many stereo types about. Remember black men smoking pot would cause them to rape white women in the early twenties to sixties?…? What a joke . If your not awake to what’s going on with this lying government , then we should all listen to them when they say gold and silver aren’t money. Tand s

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