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marijuana vs cigarettes in addiction withdrawl

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Personally, I don’t have any problems with mj. I’m not at all addicted to it, and though I have smoked for years the most I can say is that may have gottten a little cranky when I wanted some and couldnt have it but that is about it. it wasn’t like I had to have it like cigarettes. I am struggling with cigarettes and it is so crazy. For the longest time I went to say that I was not addicted, but to be honest, I am craving on now and I am not even stress. Cigarettes are bad for you and if you thi

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  1. lilstudioable on

    Weed aint addictive but nicotine is. But when you smoke cigs or swishers and weed, that will prally have you thinking your addicted to the weed to, when realy its just the tobacco

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