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Marijuana to be Legalized in Washington?!

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Seattle, Washington is going to have its very first “legalize marijuana” initiative in this year’s elections. Order your SourceFed Posters here: Our Sources: Go to for our 5 daily videos or anything else we’ve ever done. Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Philly D OFFICIAL APP for instant updates: Hosts: @elliottcmorgan @stevezaragoza Music: @Hagemeister

20 comments on “Marijuana to be Legalized in Washington?!

  1. smoothnews on

    Link me to a study showing it is worse than alcohol and tobacco. And please name the negative EFFECT. Don’t say cancer because I have studies that disprove that.

  2. mrangryclown on

    What ever happened to personal responsibility? I could get any drug you want meth, crack, heroin, etc. but I choose not to do them because I know the consequences. Making them illegal hasn’t made them go away it just put the money in the hands of criminals. So lets educate instead, teach people the harms of drug use. Do not arrest minor drug users and turn them into real criminals.

  3. bamboo4tameshigiri on

    Cannabis makes people slow down and be cautious. Alcohol induces reckless behavior. They are polar opposites. It can effect driving, but far less than alcohol and the NHTSB proved it twice. See: Marijuana And Actual Driving Performance – by Robbe, NHTSA, 1993 & Marijuana And Actual Driving Performance – by Robbe, NHTSA, 1999. I quote: “[Moderate use] has not been shown to extend into the area that can rightfully be regarded as dangerous or an obviously unacceptable threat to public safety.”

  4. Koolaccel on

    There is no money keeping Gays from getting married. It’s quite the opposite actually. And the billions we are wasting on fighting marijuana is payed back view paying fines and community service.

    And like you said, Weed isn’t an issue. It’s a waste and money trying to push it.

  5. cilliangreene on

    i dont care if it affects you.
    these people will have to go to the doctors/emrgency room, causing the taxpayer to pay their fees.

    one they effect others, then it should be in the governments control

  6. BigBoss2014 on

    youtube doesnt allow links in comments, and a simple google search of medical journals states weed is an addictive, very unhealthy and a medium level painkiller, which there is mant better, less addictive, more powerful pain killers

  7. castiron1969 on

    Weed is not as addictive as tobacco! I have smoked both for over twenty years, and at times had to stop for UA test for work, no problem. Try that with a cigarette after smoking them for even a year, and you too will also see that they are far worse, and far more addictive….

  8. renton2872 on

    If pot is made legal then all those private prisons and big pharma companies will lose money. And since they own the politicians, we will never get a top down solution.

  9. TheBlackMage3 on

    By your logic, we shouldn’t use radiation to treat cancer patients. Also, to use the phrase “super cigarette” is a bit of a misnomer. While there are health risks associated with smoking marijuana, numerous studies have demonstrated that marijuana does not have as many negative health effects as tobacco (especially in terms of lung cancer).

  10. Brandon Ailion on

    i know what your saying but have faith its a weed and can grow just about anywhere and seed banks will always be around. just grow your own and say fuck you to the government

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