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Marijuana Should Be Sold in Liquor Stores in Washington and BC

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From CTV News: A Washington State Democrat has introduced a bill to legalize marijuana and sell it in liquor stores.

4 comments on “Marijuana Should Be Sold in Liquor Stores in Washington and BC

  1. AMagicalUsername on

    “Sell weeeed” she says. HAHA I’m guessing the last time this reporter smoked cannabis was in high school or something. Same thing with the politicians. They are so ‘with it’ yet they think cannabis is a drug. It’s not a drug. It doesn’t kill brain cells. It prevents cancer. It helps hundreds of medical conditions from minor to life threatening. Yet it is non-addictive and harmless.

  2. jacksondelmar on

    wishful thinking aint gonna happen. noones gonna listen to the cross-eyed woman and people forget who really runs things and its certainly not the voting public. its illegal because its profitable for the ones who are in power not much can be done about that unfortunately.

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