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Marijuana & Multiple Sclerosis

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Check out the documentary: Music: “Gymnopedie No 1” By Kevin Macleod from

8 comments on “Marijuana & Multiple Sclerosis

  1. AnonWkdClown on

    @TheGamanic This has been going on a hell of a long time.The recession is just another excuse imo.They banned the use of/sale of and even idea of long before the world wide debt.

  2. AnonWkdClown on

    Awesome video.Those bastards don’t want people to get better or be able to reap the benefits of certain ( and i’ll use this term lightly ) ” drugs “.I don’t see anything wrong with cannabis at all.I would gladly sign a petition to have the drug legalized but we all know what would happen to that petition,don’t we? lol

  3. AnonWkdClown on

    @TheGamanic But yet the 2 most dangerous drugs IE : Tobacco and alcohol is legal and killing 1000’s a year.All they do with the more dangerous drugs is increase the prices.Cannabis has never killed anyone nor has anyone ( that i know of ) become addicted.Hell if cannabis was legal,i would use it other than Tobacco.It seems at times that they don’t care about the welfare of the people,and only about themselves.

  4. AnonWkdClown on

    The government will approve tobacco and alcohol knowing the harm it causes.Health wise and can even cause death but they will allow that to remain legal.Cannabis has no known side effects or be addictive but yet its a no no.Its a plant and its illegal and that’s all they care about.Fuck the government,they can go suck an infected dick.

  5. TheGamanic on

    @AnonWkdClown There isn’t the impetus behind legalisation, at least among the general populus. It’s just not that popular, and people aren’t especially interested in drug reclassification in a time of recession

  6. TheGamanic on

    @AnonWkdClown Very true, but governments don’t always think like that. It would be a massive policy U-turn and to be honest most Americans aren’t ready for that. True they were massively against legislation before but the recession has meant that it has gone to the back of their list of priorities.

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