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Marijuana, Drugs, and some Homosexuality

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So I talk a little bit about Marijuana and Drugs as per the request of a lovely viewer. He wanted me to talk about something and all he did was message me suggesting it. So easy! You could do it too! =P Seriously though if you suggest things for me to talk about, the more likely it’ll get a video because my ideas are forgotten most of the time.

12 comments on “Marijuana, Drugs, and some Homosexuality

  1. ajcolvin1986 on

    wow your like so funny … XD i love how you wonder off topic and it just goes to talking about gay guys lol i feel about the same on drugs .. i have done pot like 7 times maybe if that and i have not done any of the rest …and i feel about the same about people that are not open minded .. thank you for the good laugh … hope your day is brilliant

  2. StogieSmokinGuys on

    My philosophy is: “let it all hang out”! Better to be open-minded than close-minded. That goes for your views about life, drugs, and sex.

  3. infringinator on

    Pot isnt even a drug its a plant just like tobacco, but other drugs are drugs because they have to be manufacturered….You arent supposed to hold it as long as you can I’d say 4-8 seconds it plenty, and dont bother doing pineapple express moves because when we exhale it’s CO2 there is no more pot in that smoke (contrary to what potheads think). Whatever you inhaled stays in your lung.

  4. seanrothmanwins on

    Sounds like you’ve only tried indica weed, which is nice for eating and sleeping, you should try sativa which gives a nice boost in energy and imagination 🙂

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