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Marijuana Decriminalized In Connecticut.

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5 comments on “Marijuana Decriminalized In Connecticut.

  1. CoronaMage on

    Sends the wrong message to children?
    If the government was actually concerned about what messages our children see and hear, then Beer ads would be outlawed, and the Pharmaceutical Industry should be barred from advertising… and so much more would need to be done.
    Seriously, this is the worst kind of hypocrisy.
    Welcome to America, home of the double standard.

  2. ClintfromNYtoVA on

    Decriminalization is the least selfish compromise from both sides. I do not agree that a $150 fine is decrim in its purest form. How about we take a zero off of it. After court costs tack on $70-100 to the fine!
    Legalization would send the wrong message to children and I remain against it, but anything is better than a schedule one offense for a non violent ‘offender’
    Statutes & codes are about money. These pirates dont care if they destroy your life in the process.

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