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May 13, 2011 CNN


  1. blueorangelettuce on

    Why is this so crazy? There are a ton of wine enthusiasts, wine competitions, alcohol appreciation is ok, but if you’re serious about weed, you must be high.

  2. vibrant151 on

    Relax !!
    All drugs react differently on different people
    I’m not a Dr. but, what I think you might need is some
    “Morning Glow”

  3. george2648 on

    I GOT MY WEED CARD IN CALIFORNIA i am a certified medical biller i got a car and im willing to go now and start this new career ummmmm please comment me back at my page

  4. waltermh111 on

    people on here will be idiots, but there is already a professional marijuana critic. This isnt the first.
    There are so many stupid myths about marijuana and the occasional pothead who comes on here and makes things worse even though they are a small minority of users.

    newser . com/story/96707/marijuana-critic-gets-high-for-a-living.html

    Its quite easy to function high.

  5. djgiga on

    “I would describe the Kush as a mix between a fiery diesel and a sour strawberry. With plenty of pungent flavanoids the flower emits a shimmer of trichomes that lure you in.”

    – Thats just a sample of what I could do call me 😉

  6. mrshapplymarried on

    i’d rather just grow it myself smoke as i please not all day in a row cause then ya get too stoned yer actually “straight” and that sux when that happens. been there.

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