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Legalizing Marijuana will change everything, even Cops wants it Legalized

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5 comments on “Legalizing Marijuana will change everything, even Cops wants it Legalized

  1. superluminalthought on

    Ron paul wants to end the-so called war on drugs and deal with it from the root cause, Hillary clinton recently announced she is increasing the war on drugs budget by 300Mil…..Ill let you meditate on that.

  2. TheRealVerbz2 on

    Look into US Patent #6630507.

    If the Feds argue that there’s no medicinal benefit… then why did they Patent Marijuana as an “antioxidant and neuroprotectant”?

    And more double standards and hypocrisy by the Feds is that They seem to be able to patent living things while the rest of us cannot.
    They can prevent us from Industrializing Hemp, patenting unconventional technologies, they can print fiat currency, etc.

    And show me the “corpus delecti” in growing, selling, buying or using Marijuana.

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