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Legalize Marijuana? Truth About Rick Perry! US to Lose Second Place in World Trade!

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My commentary on Ron Paul introducing bill to legalize marijuana, my thoughts on Rick Perry, the jobless problem in America and US universities screwing African farmland owners. Lawmakers to introduce bill to legalize marijuana Texas Gov. Rick Perry Obama ready to release oil from petroleum reserve Requests for jobless benefits rise to 429000 US New Home Sales Fall 2.1% In May, Less Than Expected US to Lose

20 comments on “Legalize Marijuana? Truth About Rick Perry! US to Lose Second Place in World Trade!

  1. NovusChaoMundi on

    @Bllackguard666 There you go telling other people what to do again must be all that Army brainwashing. You have earned nothing in my opinion and your probably getting a free ride via the government pension system honestly its people like you that are bringing this country down. Now go away little army boy your not getting any respect from. Also there’s nothing wrong with my spelling and grammar so stick your head in the nearest toilet and flush.

  2. Bllackguard666 on

    @NovusChaoMundi I am old enough to be you father. I am an Army vet. I am a smart, logical human being who does not need a narcotic to get me through life. I have EARNED my right to say what I want. Fix you grammar, learn to spell, get a job, quit doing drugs, and contribute to this world in someway. Asshole.

  3. ZEDZOR2 on

    @dragonlion5161 truly looking for a job,what jobs,people like you get right up my nose.The only people getting jobs are people being paid to hassle the unemployed or further push them down.They never done away with slavery they just made us all slaves.Enjoy your dishwashing highroller.

  4. Louloe on

    Second thought on oil, Libya! Something came out not long ago that they are now selling their oil again, this time though, the profits are going to the rebels and citizens.
    With that, they are prolly refilling the reserves for free, or dirt cheap. How much oil can one get per missle?

  5. HiPointMan on

    @Bllackguard666 smoking ciggeretts is more harmful then weed has ever been as i said son do your homework you havent 1 clue on thc or nicotine. NICOTINE is thee most addictive substance in the world hence why 1 million a year die from it if your so concerned about health and deaths i suggest you spend your time on what actually kills more people then anything in the world lol and that alone shows your ignorance AS IVE TOLD YOU. ciggeretts biggest killer on the planet and your trash talking weed

  6. ZEDZOR2 on

    What is probable cause,many laws are already about probable cause and it seems looking shifty to someone is probable cause.The US army already has 10s of 1000s of soldiers training to go overseas to replace any that are sent back.Everything the news says is a complete pack of lies or at best half true.

  7. Tessatopia on

    seriously im all for legalizing but there are sooooooo many other ways/things you can do with it besides smoking it, but i guess its a step ………maybe

  8. myaim07 on

    There is a huge racket with the war on drugs. Guns, boats, aircraft, surveillance equipment, the criminal “justice” system, you name it. If they were never illegal to begin with, we wouldn’t have the problems we have. Also, think of the tax revenue! None of it will ever be fully legalized.

    Started up a small business a year ago and even though we’re making a profit, it’s only enough to afford a tent so far, but it’s slowly growing.

    We hide a certain amount of our hoarded food from family.

  9. Bllackguard666 on

    @HiPointMan Narcotic: 1. A drug that causes insensibility or stupor. A narcotic induces narcosis, from the Greek “narke” for “numbness or torpor.”
    2. A drug such as marijuana which is subject to regulatory restrictions comparable to those for addictive narcotics.

    At least my Marlboro’s don’t make me think I can fly or anything stupid. Nicotine is like caffine: a stimulant. Nothing more. Sorry that you’re mad, and can’t really support abusing a narcotic. Keep smoking. It’s showing.

  10. HiPointMan on

    @Bllackguard666 your showing your age by not paying attention tard do as your told until then dont comment you look dumb as hell and if your military makeing all your military friends also look dumb because we pay for your education and its showing that your filled full of BULLSHIT instead of being educated. so do as your told.

  11. HiPointMan on

    @Blackguard 666 we are not talking grammar are we were talking about your ignorance on weed it is not a narcotic just because they label as such lol doesn’t mean it is lol. they also say cavemen did 911 does that make it true or fact lol AHHH NOOO its called propaganda to control the substance pay attention kid and do your home work. now go check my spelling instead of researching the topic BRILLIANT lol

  12. mpdanna53 on

    @jbonethug99 Sir I know where you are comming from, god bless you! alot of us are like you, in fact there are more of us like you than the rich assholes that steal peoples money

  13. NovusChaoMundi on

    @Bllackguard666 Who the fuck are you the internet police mind your own fucking business and don’t worry about what everyone else is smoking asshole.

  14. Louloe on

    Ron Paul is always over looked, cause he’s been talking common sence for far to long! You can go back and reveiw every vote they have all made, and Ron Paul doesn’t sway from what he beleaves.
    The only time they ever release the reserve oil, is if they can make money off it. So they sell it for 90, even 80 bucks a barrel, they will restock it for half that price i bet. Nothing comes for free, and the goverement really doesn’t care, so don’t expect this is doing us any favors.
    Good Vid Dem!

  15. HiPointMan on

    @Bllackguard666 weed makes you think you can FLY LOL LMAO ROFL wow that comment alone shows your a ingnorant sheeple. have fun takeing peoples guns and rights because we all see by your comments you will just follow orders instead of RESEARCHING THEM ORDERS BRILLIANT weed makes you FLY LOL LMAO ROFL

  16. Pentazoid111 on

    We are not becoming a third world country. The US economic recession is pretty bad , but we are no where near a third world country. Despite the current recession, our standard of living continuously improves in many areas of our lives. Better computers, better medicine , cheaper cars, newer commodiies. We are living better than americans ten years ago. Enough with the borderline fear mongering DEMCAD, doesn’t alex jones do that enough?

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