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Legalize Marijuana Ads Hit Washington State Televisions

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August 06, 2012 KOMO 4 News

20 comments on “Legalize Marijuana Ads Hit Washington State Televisions

  1. bamboo4tameshigiri on

    Moron, alcohol is dozens of time more intoxicating and tobacco is dozens of times more toxic, lethally so. Cannabis is no more addictive than coffee.

  2. duster buster on

    Never seen anyone on marijuana do anything violent or criminal… if anything it prevents those actions. You can’t expect to hear truth from a policemen can you?

  3. Lobos222 on

    The tax gained from Marijuana is a straw man argument.
    We tax tobacco, but that dosent mean we want more kids, young adults, women or men so smoke tobacco.

    Its the classical “Casino” argument where it sounds good on paper,but the social result is the opposite.

  4. duster buster on

    Not addictive physically at all. Maybe there’s a small psycho-addiction but never as bad or as close as ANY DRUGS out there… I should know: I smoke an 48 grams a month and I’ve been out for 3 days straight now … still not on any rampage or and I don’t feel the need to smoke.

    The reason it’s illegal: You can grow it yourself and cut out the official “drug pushers” like bigPharma in bed with the FDA.

  5. Inigobalboa on

    The social result of cannabis not being legal is not good NOW. The Casino argument bears no place here either, casinos being legal make them less dangerous. It was the same in the 1920s with alcohol, which made the mafia and corruption proliferate.

  6. polardiscoball on

    Just imagine the horror of millions of Americans sitting at home on their couches staring blankly ahead in a low level larval state, no, wait, that’s television.

  7. putayta2 on

    I’m getting fucking sick of people saying we should legalize marijuana just so we can tax it. That is not why is should be legalized. I should be legalized because people have a right to do what ever they want with their own bodies.

  8. godthisisannoying on

    We tax tobacco/alcohol because we can, honestly. Because we know people want it, so we latch on like parasites on a fat cow. It has no other meaning behind it, it is no statement of endorsement and it has no moral relevancy. We do it because we can, because it’s profitable and nobody’s gonna stop us. It would be the same with pot.

    The tax argument is more of an appeal to the greed of the government than anything else. All other arguments of common sense for legalization are for the rest of us.

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