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Legalize Marijuana Ad For Washington State

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20 comments on “Legalize Marijuana Ad For Washington State

  1. halcyon0830 on

    Marijuana (All Natural, Safer than Fruits & Veggies) Cures Pain, Improves Memory, Prevents Alzheimer’s, Eradicates Cancers & Tumors. Marijuana Fights Diseases and Improves Immune System. Marijuana Cures Depression, Anxiety & Psychosis. Marijuana Helps Lose Weight by Increasing Metabolism. Body becomes Efficient & Burns Fat Faster, body toxics get cleaned..
    ucm. es/cont/descargas/prensa/prensa22384.pdf

  2. halcyon0830 on

    Cigarettes are Legal in this Country. Poisonous Alcohol is Legal in this Country. Marijuana is NOT. WTF??
    Cigarettes contain Arsenic, Mercury, Polonium 210, Hexamine, Toluene, Methanol, Styrene, Butane, Ammonia, Benzopyrene, Cadmium, Dimethylnitrosamine, Stearic Acid, Napthalene, Pyrene, Paint, Carbon Monoxide, Methane, Butane, Urethane, Goudrons, Dibenzacridine, Vinyl Chloride, DEA LOVES CIGARETTES BUT LIES ABOUT POT
    darkgovernment. com/news/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/constituants-cigarette.jpg

  3. halcyon0830 on

    Private Prison Industry PAYS DEA. Alcohol Industry PAYS DEA. Cigarette Industry PAYS DEA. Pharmaceutical Industry PAYS DEA. Drug Lords PAY DEA to keep Marijuana Illegal and Drugs Illegal. Weapons Industry PAYS DEA. Agriculture Industry PAYS DEA. Drug Testing Industry PAYS DEA. Rehab Industry PAYS DEA. Wall-Street PAYS DEA. Police Union PAYS DEA. EVERYONE PAYS DEA & ATF TO TRAFFIC DRUGS & GUNS. USA GOV KEEPS LYING & KILLING

  4. halcyon0830 on

    “I don’t like it personally”, have you even tried it or know anything about it ??

    “we need to tax the hell out of it, more than we tax cigarettes”, FUCK YOU LADY, cigarettes are DEADLY, marijuana is a harmless PLANT. Do you want to Tax my Tomato plants in my backyard ??

  5. steelbreeze420 on

    i hate that attitude too. cough cough..Mike Phelps..cough..Anyway, im in same boat. I work hard, make well over 6 digits, and smoke all the time. Joe Rogan has it right, pot doesnt make people losers..they are already losers, if it wasnt the pot it would be snack cakes or lottery tickets…and i totally support vice taxes (pot, smokes, booze) to go to schools and healthcare..that makes PERFECT sense…hope u guys pass it..thanks for fighting the battle up there!

  6. sheepOG on

    Yeah, I don’t want it taxed either (who here didn’t know that yet?).

    More interesting to me is that they don’t care about stoners who are against the big paper industry, and thus against the paper that her news is printed on. I guess her newspaper isn’t keeping her that informed! 🙂

  7. hejjagheterpal on

    I hear you man but hey, Im already paying for that. Everytime I buy something I pay 25% tax lol. But my government spends that on anti-weed propaganda…

  8. TekkGnostic on

    it’s a step forward at least… and hey,
    the next time somebody tells you stoners are lazy and do nothing for society, you can be like “fuck you. my pot smoking paid for your health care & your child’s education.”

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