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Legalize Marijuana #1 Issue On Obama Website! It’s Not About “Getting High” Idiot It’s About Freedom

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October 17, 2011 MSNBC

20 comments on “Legalize Marijuana #1 Issue On Obama Website! It’s Not About “Getting High” Idiot It’s About Freedom

  1. ShadowSandy on

    @dhebert111 IT is, but the THC is very ineffective when not combined with the small cocktail of other cannibaboids in fine marijuana. Most drug companies have moved past the THC to those compounds for answers.

    I say if it aint broke dont fix it, Marijuana works as is better than any pill they have come up with.

  2. danielvincentkelley on

    It’s not rightly about freedom either. It’s about justice. It’s a brutal injustice to kidnap and false imprison people who are not guilty of any violence. Real justice will see the perpetrators of this insane policy prosecuted to prison til termination, for their having profiteered by massive false imprisonment in their prison industry, that they operate for cash profit.

  3. LibertyMike1 on

    Signed the petition. There is also one about repealing the Patriot Act which only has 12k signatures. Please sign that one as well so we can force the Obama Administration to address the Patriot Act!

  4. MasterNameless77 on

    If you want to study the effects of marijuana, go to college…(its highly used to summon the creative powers of the mind) Weed does not cause accidents while driving…alcohol does…hmmmmmmmm… stupid politicians.

  5. IdidThisForYouToSee on

    These new’s commentators are morons. They should not be trusted. They represent Big-Pharma, which blocks legalization.

    It doesn’t have to anything to do with how much money and resource is behind legalization, there is plenty, it has to do with the ridiculous amount of resources the pharmaceutical industry is pushing. That is they major slant of lame-stream media. MONEY MONEY MONEY

    Oh and the Government is the drug dealer too, and so keeping it illegal makes them MONEY.

  6. Zlibservacratican on

    3:09 What? Where does he get that from? On personal experience, I can state that driving high makes me a SAFER driver. How much you wanna bet that most of those bad drivers were also DRUNK?!

  7. udonewsreport on

    Sad to say, GOBAMA has blown his chance to legalize this subject; this administration has no credibility on the subject matter. If this is a topic of interest, put your support behind Ron Paul, his plan is to legalize it at the recreational level, and he is good to his word.
    Do not support the pharmaceutical industry attempts to make it legal, they are the reason it is illegal..

  8. dhebert111 on

    MEDA pharmeceuticals makes Cesamet. Thats synthetic THC in pill form. In Canada, they are pushing this hard for pain releif instead of pot.

    I`m a chronic pain patient, I`m going in for a nerve block after breaking my neck before I have surgery and I had my bycept repositioned after it was torn off in an accident.
    The pain clinic where I go does not condone THC except in pill form due to the assumption that there might be additives in street pot.
    Personally I think it`s just a money game.

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