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oregon medical marijuana program div8 well first ide like to say i think the buds are almost the exact same size on both synthetic and organic with the synthetic having a slight edge,,,i wouldnt blame organics, ide blame myself. im new to organic growing and its definatly different than synthetics.Ive grown medical marijuana with synthetic nutrients for 2 years now so i ”feel” it a bit more…im learning and i can only hope to get is the SYNTHETIC feeding chart for the first half

20 comments on “KoMAs FEEDING CHART

  1. Yochum1999 on

    what up homie lookin caked up fat and frosty. ur what at 7 weeks??? i am tring to remember/ mine is @ 6 weeks looking fat sassy and frosty as well. good job man. lookin bomb-tacular. Peace

  2. MrFarmerjohn420 on

    That is such a perfect song. You know your shit looks frosty and bomb as always I can’t really say much more except you are the inspiration for me. Going downtown Seattle to pick up my method sevens today also. I’m so stoked about those glasses can’t thank you enough for throwing up that video. My eyes have been going to shit this last year. Keep it stony man at peace out

  3. SAUFRE001 on

    @ koma, yea your right. people today are more out to follow someone than to think outside the box to make their own. i love what you do for everyone in the cannabis community. you do deserve the best growers award on yt, i wish i could be a aprentace and work next to you in that wounderful garden, i live only a few miles down the way from oregon. anyways koma love yea, man like a brother and i will al\ways be one of your fans.

  4. xialong123 on

    alright this is probably one of the fucking frostiest grows ive seen in a long time but dude….i just had to hit the mute button… not sayin, im just sayin….

  5. MrBowser83 on

    @KoMAgrows How much are you watering each one? Or do you just go by feel/weight of the pot? Do you ever flush between weeks? And do you water till you get run-off? Sorry for all the questions man!

    PS I think you booted Lumpkin right off YT lol

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