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Jodie Emery on Sun TV: The Case for Cannabis

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Jodie Emery, marijuana activist and wife of imprisoned political pot advocate Marc Emery, appears on Sun TV to discuss the Canadian government’s crackdown on cannabis users and growers (from February 9, 2012).

9 comments on “Jodie Emery on Sun TV: The Case for Cannabis

  1. GetBusyLiving1 on

    Good job Jodie. I just can’t see this guys point of view for the life of me. If people want the drug, people will find a way to get it. It’s as simple as that. If there’s money to be made on the black market there will always be someone there to provide the service.

  2. mariss711 on

    Wow I love his snap conclusion, he went straight to conspiracy theory……despite the fact that harsher laws create more prisoners, more prisoners generate more money for the prison which hires more guards, the guards buy various consumer goods, and to fill the prisons we need more police,they also buy various consumer goods…..not conspiracy…..economy.

  3. budensity on

    we need to end private prison’s
    and end this war on drug’s
    because all where doing is making people die in mexico
    and the gang’s are growing richer by the day

  4. ScholarConsciousness on

    Jodie could indeed go down in history as “The Woman Behind the Man, Help Legalized our Freedom and Personal Liberty”. Ron Paul for President…period.

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