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Is Marijuana Addictive? | Addiction

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Learn if marijuana is addictive in this addiction video from Howcast. Subscribe the Howcast Health Channel: The Howcast Health Channel offers easy-to-follow instructions on all forms of exercise, both new and traditional, including water aerobics, Pilates, yoga, strength training, how to use an exercise ball, and various forms of mixed martial arts. Videos also include expert advice on health topics, such as chiropractic, cholesterol, massage therapy, meditation, sexual health, stress ma

20 comments on “Is Marijuana Addictive? | Addiction

  1. ZoeyKing88 on

    You’re the idiot. Marijuana is a drug. How stupid can you be to believe that because it comes out of the ground, it’s not a drug? Coffee comes from the ground, and it is also a drug, It is a legal narcotic. Hence why people go through such bad withdrawals, such as headache, fatigue, and nausea when trying to ween off it, or if they don’t have their daily dose.

    And anything can be addictive. Cutting your toenails could be addictive, hugging your favorite teddy bear, could be addictive.

  2. SkemeKOS on

    None of that makes sense, my friend. Marijuana IS the feeling. Youre getting addicted to what it does….how it makes you feel. Just face facts. Its addictive.
    And you being clean for 3 years has nothing to do with whether its addictive or not. Im not sure what point youre trying to make with that. Im clean for 7 years and for me, it was VERY addictive. I was like a dirty fiend for it lol

  3. SkemeKOS on

    I dont care if it the mind or body thats addicted to it…its still addiction! No difference as far as Im concerned. People get addicted to it. It doesnt matter whether its their mind or body thats getting addicted…just the fact that they ARE getting addicted.

  4. ViceAdmiralNash on

    You don’t have a physical addiction to it but a mental addiction, just like how someone can be addicted to video games. Your body doesn’t feel like it needs more Marijuana but your mind does, and that’s just your own fault it has nothing to do with the properties of the drug.

  5. BeloZeroPaintball on

    He’s right on the note that marijuana is a drug and people can and do get addicted to it.

    You never know if you could get addicted, everything affects everyone differently.

    However, he is wrong on potentially every other note.

  6. lilmexicano24 on

    you dont get addicted to marijuana, you get addicted to the feeling (: and plus its not addictive cuz other wise I wouldn’t be clean for 3 years now.

  7. aaaaaaaaaaaadddd on

    take that fucking background music off i can’t understand him, he’s fucking lying , hamburgers are way more addictive, and get this shitty video off the world wide web.

  8. ZoeyKing88 on

    A drug is described as any substance, when absorbed into the body, alters any normal bodily function. It’s a broad spectrum. Why don’t you pick up a book, and learn something before you go about, opening your mouth and spouting complete imbecilic thoughts everywhere. Maybe your mommy can help you find a library, if she’s not to ashamed of her deficient, obviously sophomoric child. 😀

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