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If you Believe This News, You’re A DUMBASS!

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17 comments on “If you Believe This News, You’re A DUMBASS!

  1. homerbear46 on

    Any Govt actually saying THIS might as well just admit they are corrupt and don’t really give a shit what you think…(so why even bother making such laughable propagandas, in this day & age, I really don’t know…probably just to annoy those of us that know a lot better)

  2. homerbear46 on

    In other sweeping decisions, (based on other narrow-minded, misplaced fears, and common-misconceptions).. they really have no business making..

    TheDeptOfJustice have declared that black people can’t swim (and banned them from all water-sports), white-people can’t jump or dance (and banned them from basketball-courts & discos) and banned Asians from driving.

  3. CaptainTheDog085 on

    lol wow …. who wants to just end this shit and stop talking about it??? no one else is going to wake up NO ONE …. this is the truth 90% of the people that havnt woken up are reptilian people… thats why they dont listen, they dont care, because they no whats going on…. their going to kill every human anyday now ANYDAY!! we need to do something asap or us humans will be destroyed ….

  4. ChristianWorldOrder2 on

    what the hell? piss off government we know you control the media please what about BOOZE? BOOZE is more of the same of heroin that marijuana

  5. klowdz1 on

    this is proof that the federal government is too drunk off that power they get over the majority of americans.
    i still dont give a fuck and am STILL gonna blaze it.

  6. BabylonsKing on

    These Stupid Fucks couldn’t tell if Who their Mother was let alone what Medical benifits Cannabis does or doesn’t have for an individual. I say we cut this agency right to the Bone with these Bone Heads and save the American Tax Payer some Money…He boys your day is coming when you won’t have a job anymore, Promise…

  7. steelalive2011 on

    It’s easy, whatever those evil fucks in the government say is bad, we the people know it is good! Thanks for confirming what we know for more than 6000 years! Anything coming out of their mouth or the FDA banning natural supplements we know we better start growing them and using them. Thank you FDA! What is black is white, its easy…God bless all you real truth seekers!

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