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“I Think First Of All Tell The Truth, There is NO Recreational Marijuana” …trendy nay

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19 comments on ““I Think First Of All Tell The Truth, There is NO Recreational Marijuana” …trendy nay

  1. xbobbyx420x on

    I can see the medical benefits from marijuana. But do you really need to take a hit that big.? I’m sure you don’t need to rip like that to get the medical benefits. A rip like that kills ur lungs. Love ya man stay trendy

  2. GrowYourMedsOMMP on

    I agree, I used to “Recreational Smoke” But then I realized, though I started smoking at a young age, I used to as a self medication. Of course, I had a lot of trauma in my early life and physical disability, so the use of marijuana helped me get through highschool and use get a diploma because of being able to handle strees, anxiety, pain and focus more on my studies, skills I still use today and would not have without marijuana to treat my medical disorders, Hell, even the doctors agree.

  3. ItsTheTrickAttack on

    your exactly right nay. people might not smoke it for the medicinal effects but theyre getting the best type of medicine regardless . god i love cannabis!! its so ridiculous how amazing this plant is. p.s dam i lovethe feeling of having a clean bong.. lol

  4. kickback14 on

    I work a a painter/Contractor and sometimes I work from 6am to 10pm or later.This causes me to have extreme back pain.UNLESS I smoke then I think to myself, “What is back pain again…” lol idk what I would do without it.

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