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I Made America: HAPPY 420!!

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In a recent interview Newt Gingrich claimed that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson would deal violently with people who grow marijuana. Well, this 4-20, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are smoking pot and happen to find out what Gingrich thinks they’d do. Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Founding Fathers from I Made America http Video Credit: The Young Turks The Second City New Media ©2012 The

20 comments on “I Made America: HAPPY 420!!

  1. oliverking1 on

    and you miss spelled you and “I’m a desperate thumb up whore that only has one meaning in life, and that is being the top comment. Therfor I will copy paste any top comment i see”

  2. indierollz on

    I like how the post this the day before realizing that everyone who celebrates 4/20 will be too stoned to have the capacity to find this video tomorrow

  3. Tamizushi on

    Who cares about what Gingrich thinks? Not only is he certainly not gonna be the republican candidate next election, but the guy who won against him is probably not even gonna win against Obama, and it’s not like Obama is the most popular president of history.

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