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I-502: Is it the right approach?


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I-502: Is it the right approach?I went to Hempfest on 8/18/2012 and interviewed a volunteer for New Approach Washington ( and Josh Berman, cofounder of 4evergreen Group ( about their views of initiative 502 in Washington State. I-502 aims to legalize marijuana in Washington State. Opponents are concerned about high taxes, DUI provisions and other issues.

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  1. cetusvega2 on

    The fact of the matter is that there is effectively a zero tolerance for any THC in any driver’s blood whether they are a patient or not. (The Medical Use of Cannabis Act explicitly states it does not offer an “affirmative defense” against DUI charges) Currently (and under 502) a police officer would need probable cause to detain, arrest, and test a driver. That test must done by a medical professional. The police officer never sees that THC level, the prosecutor does.

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