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HR 2306: Allow States to Determine Marijuana Policy (2011)

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MPP communications manager Morgan Fox spoke with WUSA 9 News about the need to end federal marijuana prohibition and allow states to experiment with their own marijuana policies. He talks about the gap between political support and public opinion regarding marijuana prohibition, and applauds politicians for trying to catch up to the American people on this issue. Video: WUSA 9, Washington, DC For more information, visit the Marijuana Policy Project:

11 comments on “HR 2306: Allow States to Determine Marijuana Policy (2011)

  1. krypekeeper on

    i cut my finger open to the bone and have sever nerve damage. its 1 month later and only thing that can fully help the burning, tingling pain sensations i get is weed

  2. sabaths1fan on

    At first, I want to say its a shame this won’t pass.
    But actually I’m just glad that something is happening in Congress to head medical marijuana legalization in the right direction.

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