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How To Treat Spider Mites For Medical Marijuana HD

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This Works!!

11 comments on “How To Treat Spider Mites For Medical Marijuana HD

  1. SF10DANK on

    @slyy8585 thanks bro for showing us how it’s done, all the trials,& errors. Lots show only the good results they get, not the bad. We can learn lots from others problems in the garden .

  2. jaypie8 on

    Yo great job sly …..I also run preventive bug runs in my garden…but it only comes from me having bugs at on time hahahaa (mites)…ive used all those sprays you’ve showed on your channel and have some good success ….but through my trial and errors I ran across this lil bottle called “Avid” ….$200 for small ass bottle…bottle makes 500 gallons though hahahaa…look it up you’ll never have a MMJ grow bug again and you’ll use it twice…period …and its a wrap…great garden love watching

  3. ogruffryderz1 on

    this is the shit some lazy fuck growers dont do becayse their gardens are too big to give a fuck about, and end up wondering why the fuck thier gardens turned to shit a couple weeks into flower.

    Good Shit man, really good advice

  4. SF10DANK on

    @slyy8585 I’d like thank u 4 all ur hard work with sharing &responding to grower who need help! I also like to give u big respect for being a leader! U know how one dude will not get along with another grower ,then all the dick riders will not like the unpopular dude even if they had nothing to do with it? U don’t do that . U make up your own mind. I love it! So thanks agian for sharing tons of grow gAme to folks in need of Tru info

  5. Aye2TheBC on

    @GoesByUnknown I believe he said his ole’ lady, his woman, not his mom 🙂

    The plants love neem, especially good neem. My plants look really happy after a neem spray, probably because it contains nutrients.

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