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How To Set Up A Grow House Episode 1

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In this series I will be documenting a complete grow house set-up including selecting a location, house, and how to do everything that needs to be done in order to have fully-functional medical marijuana grow house.

20 comments on “How To Set Up A Grow House Episode 1

  1. GreenTigerCA on

    Awesome space!! I wish I had that much space in my house!
    One thing though…
    I’m sure you know since I have seen nothing but good things from you but for those who dont…
    Just because you have empty slots on your electrical panel, it doesnt mean that you can just fill them with as many breakers as you want. There is a certain amount of amps feeding that panel and you cant exceed that or you could have a fire situation! Be safe everyone!
    (cant wait to see more!!)

  2. 510bigcheez on

    @medicropper haha those would be some pricey veggies. if i had to pick fro current strains that you have it would be romulan but if i got to choose id do tahoe og. its a moderate yeilder but connoisseur quality. i know wit how you do things you would present that nicely.

  3. medicropper on

    @GreenTigerCA I knew a guy that exceeded his amperage and blew out one of the garbage can-sized transformers on the power pole outside his house. It literally exploded. About 40 houses lost power. He refused to let the power company do an inspection so they called the police. It was downhill from that point on for him.

  4. medicropper on

    @510bigcheez I was thinking about setting up a veggie garden outside. I’d use AN and kick their asses! I don’t know what strains I’ll be growing yet in here. I need to get my plants big enough so I can take enough clones off of one to fill a whole room. What strain do you think I should grow?

  5. Prodigygrower on

    Hell ya did u pay rent like 6 months up front or anything when u Rented the house nice spot sux about the windows looks like my basement except mines all open and I got lucky with no windows can’t Waite for the next vid bro

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