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Help Those Pot (Marijuana) Smokers are After Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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6 comments on “Help Those Pot (Marijuana) Smokers are After Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. RGShortFilmChannel on

    So far you can make your videos private, that only certain viewers can watch them. Not sure if you can make your profile viewable to certain viewers.

  2. SmokingEssy7887 on

    @Thunderbirdpipes pot can be used for medical reasons cancer etc. However marijuana can do a lot of damage to the brain especially in young children. Marijuana smoke also contains 50% – 70% more cancer causing chemicals than tobacco smoke and a lot more tar, ammonia, cyanide etc.

  3. Thunderbirdpipes on

    I have never smoked pot, the I have also even curious about the use of it for medic reason. Suffering with cancer etc.. People claim its wonderful for pain. Good luck with the comments it’s a free for all. You could sent your vids so only subs cab view them, clean out your sub list you can delete people that have subbed

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