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Hash bong bowl and mail


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Hash bong bowl and mailWe opened a little package from a viewer. Our website – Buy a shirt Send us mail – Follow @r3dband on Twitter – Friend us on Facebook – Like us on Facebook – Dan’s channel – Mark’s channel – Thanks for watching Please leave comments. Don’t forget to thumbs up, and favorite. We are both Medical Marijuana patients in the State of Colorado. Thank you for your compassion.

20 comments on “Hash bong bowl and mail

  1. Trev466 on

    I’d recommend smoking .5 each and waiting for about 30 minutes (I know, I know, waiting to feel effects sucks). You’ll definitely feel it, and if you don’t start laughing at each other for 5 minutes smoke another .5

  2. MrHeadHuntr on

    Hey guys I need a little help. My friend and I are gonna smoke weed for the first time on Saturday 🙂 We were thinking about buying 4 grams. We want to have a really good time, with a lot of fun. So my question is: Is 4 grams of weed gonna last us an entire night?

  3. mangofreezy on

    If it’s your first time, 4 grams between 2 people is way too much. I’d suggest getting 2 grams, if you guys got an entire night I’m sure you’ll be high for it all with 2 grams. Have fun man!

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