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Grinding Another Bowl of Medical Marijuana

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After a hilarious catastrophe we smoked again. We use a grinder because we like that it burns well after being chopped up. Otherwise it’s like smoking a joint that doesn’t burn right. It also makes loading a bowl very easy and fast. That can be important when I need medicine right away, and don’t feel good enough to load it. We posted some things on the wall and talked about smoking legal marijuana in Amsterdam. And how that compares to legal Medical Marijuana here in Colorado Thanks for watchin

20 comments on “Grinding Another Bowl of Medical Marijuana

  1. frostybrew13 on

    @R3DBAND everytime i watch your vids. I CLICK THE ADS ON PURPOSE ON THE RIGHT SIDE. you guys deserve the money. i hope it helps. your vids are helping me through my tolerance break.

  2. rusticus09 on

    Amsterdam was awesome for me, Most joints were 5 euros and they were rolled much larger than what dispensaries in my state sell. It was enjoyable to smoke in a coffee shop with a friend but I prefer the states because they treat you like a patient instead of another newbie tourist trying out pot haha..

  3. NoobieToker on

    Awesome video guys. I noticed you packed your bowl REALLY tight, don’t you think leaving some room in the bowl for more air to get through would make for a better hit?

  4. cokeman2423 on

    Damn guys, I shit you not your vids are like a documentary to me when I watch them. The production value increases drastically with every new vid getting better and better.

    P&P from good ole stankshithole Louisiana

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