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GreenCare OG Kush – Smoke Session

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**PLEASE LIKE/FAVORITE THIS VIDEO, HELPS US OUT A LOT!!!** -Toph and I decided to head on down and check out GreenCare in San Jose, CA. They are a medical marijuana dispensary specializing in top shelf OG’s. They also had an assortment of other strains, extracts, and cannabis products. We ended up trying a few of their different OG’s, and we enjoyed them all. Thx for watching, stay medicated!

20 comments on “GreenCare OG Kush – Smoke Session

  1. smokescreeen on

    yeah dude your torch porlly isnt lighting because the flint is too small….. shit happened to my nitro after a year of use last week, still blows tane like a beast just the flint burned to low that the spark wont ignite the gas anymore… dont know how to fix this other than buyin a new torch.

  2. TheCCC420 on

    OG kush = Ocean Grown Kush…Not original gangsta. It’s named after where it was first grown. In norcal by the ocean. Anyone who tells you it stands for.original gangsta is just blowing smoke.

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