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GREEN ALERT! Decriminalizing Possession of Marijuana in NJ (A-1465)

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7 comments on “GREEN ALERT! Decriminalizing Possession of Marijuana in NJ (A-1465)

  1. jhwbyler on

    There is some truth to what you say, however… the only reason cannabis was ever made illegal was to fill our prisons. And… as the lady said it ruins any chance of a successful life for most minority classes and the underprivileged in this country. They started with alcohol in this game.

  2. rubik224 on

    Decriminalizing just gets the worst of both worlds: Violent gangs, still illegal (just not criminal), still untaxed, will increase availability without regulation. It should have never been CRIMINAL in the first place so now you’re stuck in a situation where doing anything but full blown legalization is a negative and governments will see it that way. This is not a step towards legalization in my opinion, because it will show the bad sides of an underground market and make it linked to cannabis.

  3. bermudaguy1 on

    When you support the laws governing drugs ( but not alcohol) you are supporting:
    Foreign drug cartels
    Local gangs & thugs
    Making kids into criminals
    Destroying families
    Death and injury
    Untold government expense via DEA and police.
    Filling prisons up.
    Associated court/legal costs.

  4. Stabsnipers on

    Decriminalization might not work, but it is a step in the right direction. I personally would rather pay a fine then go to jail and have a record.

  5. AgothInnCloth on

    Marijuana helps fight CANCER thats why governments want to stop people from using it they want us to DIE less people the easier it will be to control and kill.

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