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Girl smokes

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I’m a legal medical marijuana patient in my state. I abide by the laws that were told to me when I was issued my medical cannabis recommendation by an attending physician in my state. If you are interested in knowing how to become legal send me a message and I will try to get you the information to get you on the right path to using cannabis to relieve pain.

20 comments on “Girl smokes

  1. Jake1722 on

    thank for making a “sweet” video b/c you seem like a very sweet and nice girl/woman which ever you prefer, ive know females who get offended by both words, and then also get offended from the female word, and dont always like being called by there name, i think they h8 the fact im a stoner more than anything,and then allow the “drinkers” to call them girl i need to find new people in my town or just move to cali or something im in hell here 🙁
    so much love going to waste, my heart hurts, imnotok

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