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Free Gamefly video-game rentals

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Description Use the link for a free month of Gamefly rentals in the mail. I like to rent Xbox360 games through the mail. It is cheaper than buying games so I get to play more variety of games. I get to play brand new games and older games too. I like to get achivement points and I will play a bad game just for the easy points. Thanks for watching Please leave comments. Don’t forget to thumbs up, and favorite. We are both Medical Marijuana patients in the State of Colorado. Thank you for

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  1. MigelMeUp on

    @mllj0 well, I found that bong that I was talking about (380 mm) for 60 dollars at a place called ‘Off Ya Tree’, and I was looking to just get attachments for that (each chamber being 9-ish extra), but I guess I’d be willing to spend a maximum of 75 really, only going to use it for this summer (heavily). ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. MigelMeUp on

    Hey, I’m just about to buy my first bong this Friday (from Australia). I’m just wondering, what would you recommend? I was thinking a simple glass straight up 380 mm long bong, with just a plane cone loaded up; but does having an extra chamber add a great affect to the quality of the hit? Thanks, loving the videos ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. theguythatcouldfly on

    @jointsmoka420 It’s in the discription to the ‘smoking bong bowls in the dark forest’ video. And because I keep having to sign him out when I want to play.

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