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FluorideGate: US Legislators Calling for Hearings on Water Fluoridation

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Daily News @ RevolutionNews.US — (TENNESSEE) Legislators Ask State Health Department Not To Promote Water Fluoridation… A bipartisan group of Republican and Democrat legislators in the Tennessee House of Representatives has sent a letter to State Health Commissioner Susan Cooper, asking that she direct state health department employees to halt activities that promote the practice of water fluoridation. The group includes Beth Harwell, Speaker of the House, legislator-physician Dr. Joey Hensl

2 comments on “FluorideGate: US Legislators Calling for Hearings on Water Fluoridation

  1. chbrules on

    Homeopathic fluoride *FACEPALM*

    You’re an idiot. You’re using fucking water. You got sold snake oil, idiot.

    Other than that, it would appear the studies done on fluoride and oral hygiene are not conclusive. There has not been a link between the two. Fluoridating water is probably a really bad idea. I just double checked my local water municipality, and they fluoridate their water. Ugh :/

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