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Fireworks Happy 4th of July America! Let’s start some fires! Keep those Firemen busy! Be safe…drive drunk. Remember to SUBSCRIBE for more of your favorite shit! Also, Rate this fuckin video like your life depended on it. Follow me on Twitter: Audio File(s) provided by Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks, 4th of July, Independence Day, America, USA, Fire, Firecrackers, Roman Candles, Mortars, Vlog, Real Life, Comedy, Entertainment, HD 1

4 comments on “Fireworks

  1. kkRinaChan on

    lol happy 4th man to you and yours! we will be safe . . . and hopefully Guardian wont be ducking under shit and taking cover like most war vets do

  2. tottenham1211 on

    how’s it going my man! Haven’t spoken in a while, those fireworks look sick! In Ireland fireworks are illegal as well, but we all still do that shit! Peace!

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