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Filming the Police & Pot Laws.

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This is a video I have tried to make a few times. I am tired of injustice and the unbearable amount of money that is being WASTED on the drug war & Marijuana laws in particular. These laws are damaging society beyond belief and it needs to stop NOW. Please sign the petition to try and help get this woman out of prison and stand up and fight back against these pointless and wasteful laws. Until things change, I recommend you carry your camera EVERYWHERE.. because I sure as hell do. **Petition: ww

3 comments on “Filming the Police & Pot Laws.

  1. deadkennedys909 on

    First off
    I’m a new sub, I love your channel your not a hater just a debater and I like that. But wanted to drop my 2 cents on that woman who got arrested for pot. Where I live I am thankful we have it available medically so dont have to worry to much about being caught.
    But the woman who was sentenced to 10 years for pot, to be fair we don’t know her past. She may have horrible priors and drugs may be part of her probation and that might be why. I don’t know, i’m gonna go read the article

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