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FAT organic Kholas

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oregon medical marijuana div 8 i got this cut from slyy.he told me it was from NEXT GEN and he got it from the attitude…..THIS PHENO is super boss….order a 10 pack or more and im sure youll find it! if you have any questions or ideas feel free to ask or chime away…this channel will become an open forum on all things herbs…if theres any item youde really like me to use in the ”grow off” just let me know in the comments….if you have any ideas as to maybe the ways youde like to see the

20 comments on “FAT organic Kholas

  1. TheCrunchymango on

    @KoMAgrows having a grow off with yourself eh ????,sub done that and still lost lol(aint bringing drama just chouldn help myself).as for topping well some people are open to new things and others are fuckwits who cant see the facts in front of them,just do your thing buddy as your spreading the word….from the UK…TCM !!!

  2. ismoketoomuch420 on

    Do a comparison of general organics vs the advanced organic line. you can get the entire GO line in gallons for about the price of One gallon of iguana. lol 

  3. xanos4225 on

    @primosoe because it’s “easier” for a lot of people to go that way,, and these companies want to make money. Great example is Greenhouse Seeds. Myself, I would much rather grow out regular seeds and then just clone the females you want to keep. But I’m with you man.

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