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Expelled from London 2012: US judoka Nick Delpopolo tests positive for marijuana

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US judo fighter Nick Delpopolo has been expelled from the Olympics after testing positive for marijuana he said he ate accidentally. Report by Sophie Foster. Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at . Subscribe to ITN News!

20 comments on “Expelled from London 2012: US judoka Nick Delpopolo tests positive for marijuana

  1. ianboonmusic on

    ? poor guy!!! if he had been tanked up on whiskey…fair game no problem!!! i get doping for performance enhancing!! but come on!!!! not exactly gonna better his performance this is it!!! poor guy!!!

  2. lumpfish99 on

    0.46 is that a legal move?….btw whats wrong with a little herb?….even the guy in the blue shirt knew it chills people out even though seconds later he claimed he knew nothing about the drug…..he looks like a toker……

  3. concernedagain on

    Yeah man all true, it all sucks too 🙁

    50 years hey, thats optimistic but i like it, lets hope common sense prevails within that time :).

  4. alanimoikan on

    the THC gets stored in your fat for only 2 weeks they can trace it in your pee after two days from usage and it can be traced in your blood for only 2 weeks after the usage but you are correct about the water it helps to be undetected in some cases

  5. alanimoikan on

    its like the army man it dosent matter if you are stoned or not if you have it in you they kick you he said he smoke it by mistake anyway i dont know whats up with the dude but the fact that if they find that in your system you are out dosent matter if you smoke it or you ate it maybe in 50 years weed will be legal man but as for now that is the shit that they have to deal with

  6. jojo1ukuk on

    the British, america and zion’s should not be in the games because they are war criminals/warmonger simple as.

    still no illegal wmd yet after 10 years? where is the 45 min wmd than?

  7. madkillermiller on

    if it was steroids that enhances performance, then fair enough! i would say weed is equal to alcohol, but its NOT! weed is purely recreational and does not cause nowhere near as much harm as alcohol.
    but then again, if you are competing in a big sporting event like this you should leave the weed alone for a while and stick to heroin. because it stays in system for a shorter time. thats why people in prison take herion instead of weed. STUPID FUCKING LAWS!!

  8. concernedagain on

    You could be correct about the time limit of cannabis in the body, i just assumed it was different for each person(fat & slim versus metabolism) and i said the maximum time its possibly ‘could’ stay in your system but hey, what if the guy had a dozen poppy seed bagels the day before?, same outcome i fear, disqualified for a positive drug test? (false positive).

    The law is a complete ass when it comes to cannabis, yeah sure it was in his system but was the guy actually ‘stoned’? when competing?

  9. concernedagain on

    Cannabis stays in the blood for months, it hugs the fat cells, ironically if this guy snorted a big bag of cocaine or injected Heroin or smoked some crack then he could just drink plenty of fluids and wait a couple of days and test negative.

    The ‘effects’ of cannabis only last for HOURS however, the THC stays in your system but has NO effect on function.
    The law here is a total ass and so are the people making them, if anything taking cannabis would HINDER your chance of ANY medal.

  10. MrFraserFilms2009 on

    This may sound stupid, but I would’ve thought Marijuana would have just made him a complete space-head in the Olympics and not aide his performance.

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