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DOJ ‘scare tactics’ to stop medical marijuana

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Many states that were headed towards a medicinal legalization path have started to back off after the DOJ recently sent letters to states, threatening that they will go after state employees and will look at both civil and criminal penalties for those who run large scale operations, even if they are acceptable under state law. So why the drastic shift in policy? Scott Morgan with weighs in.

11 comments on “DOJ ‘scare tactics’ to stop medical marijuana

  1. meow403 on

    You mean the War on our Friends and Neighbors. We aren’t fighting the drugs…. the money we pay in taxes goes to pay for the war against personal choice.

  2. MyDoorIsFour on

    WOW that anchor Scott looks baked haha. But in all seriousness, this is a really big scare tactic, but I can definitely not see it working. Hopefully full scale legalization is on the horizon though

  3. BrotherWoody1 on

    Holder is a joke, Mr. & Mrs. Obama are Nannies at best. Enough!1 I can no longer stomach the pols in either party. They lie, cheat and steal not only for our dough but also our liberties. Do something really right for this country: Vote for Ron Paul and like minded candidates in 2012. It’s the only way to stop these jackals and the international banking cartels that control them.

  4. Stonedpimpin76 on

    Theyre doing this because the pharmacuetical companies that own Obama and run the country are threatened by legalization. It will cut into their profits.

  5. dmvallaccess on

    Its just big pharmasutial companies putting the bite down on the federal politicians for regulation so they can sell it and raise the price like all the rest of the drugs that are cheaper in Canada and Mexico.

  6. jaymthegenius on

    Government regulation is responsible for so much needless death. Also, why is marijuana illegal but drugs with side effects of impotency and death legal? Can anyone say statist market rigging?

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