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Dan’s new job

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I got a job at RiverRock trimming Medical Marijuana. I have been dreaming of this for years and it is a beautiful thing. It isn’t an easy job but it is wonderful to be working with the meds. We were hand trimming Blackberry Kush, Golden Goat, Cheese, Bubblegum, Durban Poison, and Goo. Hopefully you saw me on Tokin Daily too. — Our website – Buy a shirt Send us mail – Follow @r3dband on Twitter – Friend us on Faceboo

20 comments on “Dan’s new job

  1. zeroskater1025 on

    for real trimmin g buds is not easy at all. you can fuck up so bad u dont even know lol and trying to go faster is way hard and keeping pace is rough. and if your doing it for hours ur gonna be sore in your hands and back, and ur butt will go numb.

  2. BobMarley0neLove on

    get that shit out of here no one wants to hear about that,
    On the other hand i just had an OZ of cinderlla a few weeks ago, it’s some legit bud.

  3. SongRemixMaster on

    love your videos guys, but you should switch up what piece youre using, i’d love to see another nail and dome vid or some other sort of unique peice.

  4. mrkbananza on

    I think its cool you guys care so much about your viewers that you mute out your coughing haha you probably dont realize how much that means to us R3DBAND all the way! I love your videos and i hope there is much more to come

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