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Colombia passes 1st draft of drug crop legalization bill : Cocaine Marijuana and Opium Poppies

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6 comments on “Colombia passes 1st draft of drug crop legalization bill : Cocaine Marijuana and Opium Poppies

  1. ragedmaximus on

    This might infringe on our cia drug cartel profits. send in the troops obammy (sarcasm)
    did you guys know our military guards poppy fields in afghanistan right now this second of the day yesterday and tomorrow

  2. andpem26 on

    Hi Mrs. Greeley.
    You know, I’m from Colombia and I think that the title of this video might be “The Colombian Government does not support legalization of drugs” or “The Colombian government opposes the legalization of illicit crops.”
    God Bless

  3. justmichelle71 on

    Of course Obama doesn’t want it to pass. If the drug cartel was to disappear due to legalizing then that would be one less place we could fight the ‘war on drugs’. It’s a huge operation to send our guys in, give them drugs and then ‘watch’ all hell break loose. The US wants chaos, especially in other countries.


    If growing the plants is legal, but the manufacturing/distributing of the drugs is illegal, it becomes obvious that the flow of drugs will increase. YAY! More money for black ops! *sarcasm*

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