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Clips of my old broken bong

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It’s almost the end of 2011 and we all begin to look back at the previous year. A lot has changed in the last year. I used to smoke out of this bong everyday until it broke on July 2nd when I left it in the freezer and it froze solid. We went out that same day and bought the new glass-on-glass bong that we use now. I really like the glowing bong hits. Both of these bowls were from the night that I recorded the footage from my 4th video “A quick bong hit” – The background music is

14 comments on “Clips of my old broken bong

  1. cky1088 on

    @Iwanadourmom It’s cool that you smoke and have the balls to say your age but when it comes down to reality only you can make that choice. Does it effect you or others around? If not go ahead and toke but be fucking mature about it. I know kids who smoke just cigs and they act like they’re tougher than the Hulksters shit and get loud and are very childish about anything they do because it’s not for their age group.

  2. Jartny on

    Why do you put your finger over the hole when you pop the bowl out?

    Be happy that thing broke, it looks like it wasn’t the best bong. When you take hits, it looks like air is getting through the side of the downstem and causing an air leak. Good riddance!

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