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Chubbs Reviews The Famous NUGGETRY N1 (Indica)

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Here’s a look at one of the most popular strains of medical marijuana available in anywhere in California. The legendary NUGGETRY N1 – http –

20 comments on “Chubbs Reviews The Famous NUGGETRY N1 (Indica)

  1. latthewmarkin on

    I might as well like and favourite them from now on. If I love these videos why wouldn’t I want to help spread them to everyone else?

    Keep at it Chubbs, all that bud makes me jealous, I’ve to make due with some weak dealer stuff over here. Would love to try N1 some day.

  2. Ethansmommies on

    chubbs , as a patient i love N1, but ill be honest and tell u, that I never get buds like that, they are always small. Even if i get an 1/8 they arent that big.. ur staff likes to rip apart the buds to weigh them out. Not hating , because i drive 89 miles each way to get nuggetry, just dissapointed

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