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OMMP DIV 8 MEDICAL MARIJUANA Oregon has been so good to me and my family…i just want to say thanks to all the savy veterans who have pushed me to the next level……im lookin up at the next level thinkin ” how the fuck am i gonna do this?” but getting better is the only option! i know all you true HERBALISTS feel the same way….KEEP IT FROSTY~ PS …….EVERYTHING LITTLE THING SHE DOES IS MAGIC!!


  1. AstralGrower on

    Hey koma. What would the retail value be for an 1/8 of your stuff if it was sold in a dispensary? I see stuff here that’s $60 for an 1/8 that doesn’t look that good.

  2. MrFarmerjohn420 on

    Looks amazing Koma. That ultimate chemdog looks unreal. Hoping my Chernobyl will finish that nice. Its the only strain I was growing that had any comparison to the frost u can put out. Thanks for all the vids this grow man. Really looking forward to the next round from Koma!

  3. KoMAgrows on

    @prince0427 i can understand where someone might get confused as to what im doing but i figured for the most part if people dont know how to cure then thats a personal problem…this video wasnt trying to teach anything to anyone other than I HAVE FROSTY ASS NUGGS…if i was doing a ”how to cure” or ”curing weed” video and i said burping jars then crusify me…but it seems like you want to argue….im not interested sorry

  4. TheCrunchymango on

    shit my garfen wasn as frosty as that this morning and its fucking freezing ere…………..happy holidays to you n yours and all the very best for 2012 !!

  5. jbstar1973 on

    Not only doe’s it look fire, but genetic in that cross, are some of the tastiest trains on earth! Looks like found a keeper…Peace bro, and have a FROSTY Christmas!

  6. KoMAgrows on

    @prince0427 i actually talk to kyle.go back and look at what he says plain as day and as clear as you can say somthing.”wait a week then crack the jar”…lol its been 6 days.these strains that ive never grown or dried or cured.need to be watched until i get them down and know what there doing…and like the article says ” it is necessary to pinpoint whether or not you got it right’ especially with strains ive NEVER GROWN OR TRIED TO CURE.have a nice day

  7. wiseguyhypnotized on

    @KoMAgrows dont mean to budge in but if you dont open it every couple of hours, doesnt it lead to mold? im a retard to growing so lol i just want to get the right info!
    Also Merry X mas bro.. lovely and yes you do have some frosty ass nuggss!!

  8. prince0427 on

    @KoMAgrows What you’re saying right now is correct, but in the video you said burping, which is not the same thing as waiting a week to catch a whiff of ammonia or sweet cannabis smell. burping implies the routine done by Jason Wilcox in routinely opening the jar to release excess humidity.

  9. prince0427 on

    Hey Koma, if you read Kyle Kushman’s article on curing he’ll explain why “burping” is counter productive to curing, since the bacterias that eat the chlorophyll can only live in a completely controlled humid environment, and opening the jars will kill off those bacterias, leaving the chlorophyll on the flowers that can never be cured again.

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