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Chaos Erupts As Ron Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll 2011

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Daily News @ RevolutionNews.US — And the winner of the CPAC presidential straw poll is … Ron Paul. That marks the libertarian Texas congressman’s second win in a row. Just as he did last year, Mitt Romney came in second, with 23 percent to Paul’s 30 percent. This mirrors 2010’s poll almost exactly, when Paul got 31 percent and Romney 22 percent. When the results were officially announced, CPAC’s main hall erupted in cheers and boos, with Paul supporters trying to out-shout the disappointed m

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  1. 411American on

    Govern -Mental elections are rigged – MSM blacks out who they chose and SELECTS THEIR PRESIDENT they want , people are fooled with a dog and pony show as if they elect someone.

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