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California Medical Association Calls For Legalization Of Marijuana

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December 06, 2011 CNN

20 comments on “California Medical Association Calls For Legalization Of Marijuana

  1. netmatrix on

    Keep it illegal please, so that the Big Pharm can create a profitable/patent-able version. Then they can keep our prisons full for the private-for profit companies, while still bringing in big money for the pharmaceutics companies.

  2. Apophiswillkillus on

    Dr. Drew is a fucking quack! Marijuana is addictive?! Yes, it’s addictive just like television and YouTube; maybe we should make TV and the Internet illegal.

  3. rwalkenhorst on

    “We want to reduce availability…” So how’s that working out for you, doc?
    Never underestimate the capacity of Americans to overlook the pathetic failures of their government.

  4. dontblockmedk on

    The war on terror is as FAKE as the war on drugs. The central bankers intelligence arms (CIA, MI6, Mossad) are the REAL terrorists and drug runners.

    WAKE UP!

    1. FREELY Share ALL resources & knowledge worldwide, NO more money/property

    2. Use LATEST technology to create an ABUNDANCE of all our needs, NO more waste/theft

    3. Automate/localize ALL production and distribution, NO more wage slavery/central control

    WATCH Z3

  5. GMoneyStillTippin420 on

    Fuck you dr drew, weed is not addictive thats complete and utter bunkem. You will NOT go through physical withdrawls or seizures from smoking pot, it may be psychologically addictive to some, but its not addictive like heroin cigarettes and klonopin are addictive. Also nice job giving that Sabet guy the majority of talking time and turning this into some bullshit hawking of the prison-pharmaceutical complex. Trying to make us spend billions buying pills instead of growing plants, fuck this noise

  6. blueorangelettuce on

    I don’t understand the young Douctor’s view that actual marijuana, whether it’s named Purple Haze is irrelevant, is not ok, but Marinol or any manufactured DRUG is perfectly fine. Seems like the profit motive in this case is no better than the dealer pushing his wares at the expense of the user.

  7. BioCapsule on

    That Drew guy has the ball to say… it is addictive to ‘some’ people. Cigarettes is addictive to all people (not to mention deadly) why is it not schedule 1 by their logic… and don’t give that it’s a cultural crap.


    Dr Drew is not credible, he is an establishment puppet. He will say whatever the Americans want to hear in order to increase his popularity, aint nothing real here.

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