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CALICCG / Chubbs Wax Double Rip For 4-20

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I love medical marijuana delivery. Just so convenient. CALICCG Delivery (714) 272-4585

20 comments on “CALICCG / Chubbs Wax Double Rip For 4-20

  1. deeznuts1776 on

    i got a question. why do you always say whats up in the middle of your videos and shit haha i know its probably weird talkin to a camera but that shit is weird.

  2. krypekeeper on

    @Blacknwhiteweed Yea. HE WILL PAY YOU to review, he does not get paid to review the weed smokes, he owns like 4 companies thats how makes enough money and 95% of the weed he smokes is HIS from CPA.

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